What does trainalta do?

trainalta.com provides anyone interested in any discipline of martial arts, boxing or combat sports with the tools, advice & support they need to get the outcomes they want & reach their personal goals - whatever they are!

Martial arts & combat sports are an amazing & increasingly popular fitness, weight management & mindfulness solution for millions of women & men across the globe. Much like golf, or surfing - martial arts in particular is a life long obsession for millions.

But getting started is not easy.

From ancient protocols to antiquated membership contracts or the overwhelming daunt of stepping into a gym location for the first time - there are a lot of barriers that stop people from realizing the immense mental & physical benefits that our sport offers.

trainalta.com breaks down these barriers. We make the hard parts of training in martial arts or combat sports easy by understanding you. Your needs. Your personal goals.

Did you know that there are hundreds of variations of martial arts disciplines - but how to you chose the right discipline, the right coach and gym location?

trainalta.com is the only platform where you can research & discover the best martial arts discipline for you. Our partner gym and coaching network grows every day, so reach out to our friendly team to find out more

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